Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My heart is hurting...

I'm not one to show my feelings much, but when my grandfather passed away recently I've been wanting to talk to somebody and I thought maybe you guys will listen and be kind to me as I pour my heart and soul to you. I wrote this to him and it still makes me cry every time I think of him. He was the greatest person I know and I miss him every day.

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Dear Grandpa,

Its been a little over a month since you left me, but it feels like a lifetime, or even an eternity.

You would give the shirt off you back, or even the last of your food, you have done a lot in your life for everyone’s good.

When you find Grandma, please tell her "I love you”.  Married for 50 year, I could only hope that same fait for me too.

I cry myself to sleep every night since you passed away, and I pray to God that you never forget me.

I know your memories came back when you touched His hand, and now you can sing with the Angel band.

Are there gardens in Heaven for you to grow, you love to harvest your food, as we all know.

My Mom misses you so much in her heart; it’s so hard for her to be apart.

You left behind so many people, some friends, some family; all of those people can no longer live happily.

And as tears flow down my face, I will dedicate to you, my next race.

They say, time heals all wounds, but whoever said this should not be signing those tunes.

I look at your pictures, so I always remember the happiness that you were, you will always be in my heart, right in here.

Meeting my son would have been my life’s purpose, unfortunately I made the wrong choices, so you never met us.

I cannot think of anything you ever did wrong, my son has been taking after you all along.

He knows you are kind to your core, I tell him the stories of you that will never bore.

Wild strawberries and village swings, remind me of spending summers with you, as together we’d sing.

The accordion was your instrument of choice, and now I will have it forever to rejoice.

Working since your were 16 years old in the oil shale mines, has shown me that it's rare to find people your kind.

I can still remember you working night shifts, being able to spend time with you was a gift.

This is my way to give you praise, and to find my piece, I will never forget all the amazing times, and the feasts.

You will forever be with me, no matter where my life will take me.

I don’t know what the future will bring, but I hope to meet you at Heaven’s west wing.

I will be there when Heaven opens its door yet again, until then my memories of you will remain.

I hope to carry on your good name, and not use His name in vain.

Until we meet again…

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