Saturday, March 28, 2015

NFL Seahawks 5K 2014!

It has been a while since I've ran a race, but when the opportunity came for another Seahawks race, I just couldn't resist. I was in, Seahawks themed medal was really all they had to say! The T-shirt provided to all the runners was simple but nice. Just a gray short sleeve shirt with the Seahawks logo on it, totally worth it though.

This race took place in Downtown Seattle and it started in front of the Centurylink field and finished inside the stadium. The course was easy, pretty much a there and back course, with a little deviation coming back to the Stadium. Since it was a 5K race, they let us pick up our race packet the day of the race, so I decided to pick up my packet in the morning. Thankfully traffic wasn't bad and they had reserved parking for the runners at the stadium, which made it a whole lot easier, parking in downtown Seattle sucks. I had enough time to pick up my race packet and drop everything but my bib off at my car and then it was time to get to the starting line. Blitz was there and the Seahawks band was playing, so much fun!

I was hoping to finish in under 30 minutes, and my final chip time was 27:28:86, needless to say, I was happy with the results. Maybe next time I can shoot for under 25 minutes? Doable? With some training I think so.

Hope to see you there in 2015!!! Go Hawks, RePete!!!

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Patricia Evans said...
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RD Robertson said...

Thanks Kelly for sharing this post. I am really happy to see this athlete. BTW they are looking awesome in their dress.