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October  11-27, 2014 - Japan: Tokyo to Kanazawa to Himeji to Hiroshima to Miyajima to Fukuoka to Beppu to Kagoshima to Osaka and back to Tokyo
Tokyo DisneySea
Chase's first trip to Tokyo Disneyland
A-bomb site and museum
Our first trip to the Kyushu Island of Japan
My first ever Marathon at the Osaka Marathon

February 2013 - Disneyworld to Key West FL to Miami Florida
Chase's first trip to Disneyworld
runDisney Princess Half Marathon
Mickey and Minnie Mouse Family 5K run

January 2013 - Disneyland to LA to Santa Barbara
Chase's first trip to California Adventure and Cars Land
runDisney Tinkerbell Half Marathon
Neverland Family 5K run

March 2011 - Disneyland to LA to Santa Barbara
Chase's first trip to Disneyland

September 2011 - Scandinavia: Iceland to Demark to Sweden to Norway
Reykjavik, Iceland
Copenhagen to LEGOLAND, Denmark
Malmo to Stockholm, Sweden
Oslo, Norway

December 2010 - Vancouver, British Columbia
Weekend trip across the border

November 2010 - Istanbul, Turkey
Mark travelled for work and we got to tag along :)
Crossed over from Europe to Asia and back!

July 2010 - Oahu, Hawaii
Our first trip to Hawaii

August 2010 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Chases first trip to Vegas

October 2009 - Japan: Tokyo to Kyoto to Osaka. Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo - DisneySea, Asakusa, Harajuku, Shibuya, Ginza, Shinjuku, Akihabara, Roppongi

May 2009 - Leavenworth, Washington
Chases first trip to Leavenworth

February 2009 - Vancouver, British Columbia
Chases first trip to Canada

May 2008 - Italy: Venice to Milan to Cinque Terre to Florence to Pisa to Naples to Capri to Amalfi Coast to Rome

April 2007 - Ireland: Dublin to Waterford to Cork to Killarney to Limerick to Galway to Donegal to Northern Ireland: Derry to Belfast to Ireland: to Dublin
Had fun driving around the whole island.

May 2006 - Iceland: The Great Ring Road
We drove all around the island

May 2004 - Estonia: Tallinn to Kohtla-Jarve to Lake Peipsi to Otepae to Saaremaa
Home sweet Home, first time going back home since I left in 1998 :(
It was so good to see my family and friends.

December 2005 - Australia: Brisbane to Cains
Made all the stops in between

April 2001 - New Zealand: Auckland to Rotorua to Wellington to Fox Glacier to Christchurch to Queenstown to Mt. Cook to Newton
Most extreme vacation we had: Paragliding, White water rafting, Speed boating and luging.

December 1999 - Australia: Brisbane to Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef to Ayers Rock to Sydney to Melborne
Saw the Reef, helf a koala, fed Kangaroos and Fruit bats, drove the Great Ocean Road, saw the 12 (now 11) appocels.

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