Saturday, April 7, 2012

So I came across the Disney Princess half marathon by accident by watching videos on YouTube and having people mention it on there and I was instantly intrigued. Now this was about a year ago or so, but every since I saw those I have been researching them and finding out ton of info about the races.
I should metion that I have never, ever run in my life, not counting PE in school of course, but something sparked my interest in it. I couldn't stop thinking about the races and how much fun would it be to run one.

I live in Seattle, so DisneyWorld is exactly the farthest  you can go in the Continental USA for me, but it has become my dream to run this race. the 2012 race was already booked and by the time I was for sure going to go I wouldn't have had enough time to train for it anyway. I decided to start go for the 2013 race. I'm super excited, but since it is really far for us to travel to I wanted to make sure that I can actually run 13.1 miles prior to booking this whole thing and then not being able to finish I figured I can run one of our local half marathons first and go from there. The most popular one of course in Seattle is the Rock'n'Roll half marathon, so I signed myself up and got a training schedule.

Look for posts and pictures of me training, I'm so excited about it.

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