Friday, June 15, 2012

Tinker bell Half marathon here I come!!!!

I finally registered for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon!!!! I'm so excited and cannot wait to go, next up the Princess half opens July 10!!!! In addition to the Tinker bell I signed up for the Never Land family fun 5k and the Kids races. My son will be 4 by the time we go, so he will be running the 200 meter dash, he is so excited about getting his own medal.

I'll be doing the Family 5k by myself, Chase is still too little and my husband is not a runner at all. In fact he probably won't even be there to watch since its so early, but oh well. I'll be dressing up as Tinker Bell and believe it or not, I'm already making/buying the pieces I need for it. That's how excited I'm about this race.

The reason I signed up for all of the races is that I don't know if I'll be running these races again. It is expensive and far for the three of us to go, so I'm taking advantage of it while there. I'll keep you posted as more info comes out. Registration is already 51% full so make sure you register if you want to race with us!!!!

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