Monday, April 22, 2013

Mickey & Minnie Royal Family 5K & Kids Races 2013

I know that this is a little late, but better late than never!

As you already know that my mission was to complete the Disney Coast to Coast Challenge, so this was the reason we were in Disneyworld this time. And again as I did with the Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend, I wanted to be part of as many events as possilbe, therefor I ran the Mickey and Minnie Royal Family 5K and my son ran two races, he did the Kids 200 meter dash and the Mickey Mile (one mile run).

I'll start with the 5K, I registered for this race in the stroller division, this way we got two medals, one for me and one for my son Chase. Unlike the Tinkerbell weekend where I wore the same costume, I wanted to have different one for this race because Chase wanted to dress up as Darth Vader and I thought that it would be really fun if I dressed up as Princess Leia. So I made both of our costumes and I think they turned out amazing, but you can be the judge of that :)

The race started at 5:45, I had put the alarm for 4:00 and I laid out our costumes and all of the stuff I needed for running the night before and waited until the absolute last minute to wake up Chase. I felt so bad, he was so tired, he was still asleep as I was putting his costume on and put him in the stroller. Once we were ready, I made my way down to the front of the hotel where the shuttles were leaving from and there were already so many people there. I was the only one with a stroller, so they let me on the bus first which was super nice, I did have to take him out of the stroller and carry him to the bus though, but he still did not wake up. Everybody loved my costume, they were all telling me how creative it was, unfortunately Chase was asleep, so they didn't get to see his cute costume.

Finally we got to the parking lot where the race started from, the stroller divison was the very last corral for safety reasons. They did come and had a little talk with us before the race. The main thing was that we weren't allowed to run with the strollers and we had to stay behind the rope the whole time. There were two guys who were going to be walking and holding the rope in front of us, so we just had to stay with them the whole time, they were going to walk the 16 minute mile pace.

We watched all the corrals go and finally it was our turn, Chase was still sleeping in the stroller and it was still super dark outside. We started walking to the starting line which was at the end of the parking lot and just a few minutes after we got there the fireworks went off and off we went. So it is impossible to walk the 16 minute a mile pace or so I found out anyway, because as the guys starting going, I could not keep up walking so a bunch of us just started running and nobody said anything even though it was prohibited. Just a short run later we made it to Epcot, countries around the world. The first picture stop was Mulan, I stopped, but Chase was still sleeping, but it was a cute picture nevertheless. The lines for the pictures got kind of long, it was mostly princess' like Snowhite and Dopey, Belle in her everyday outfit, one of the Aristocats, Jasmine and finally right before the Epcot ball it was Donald and Daisy dressed up as a king and a queen. The run was great, it was amazing running around the countries as everything was still closed and quiet. Chase did wake up right after the first picture stop with Mulan and got to enjoy the rest of the run. We both got our medals, took a finishers pictures and off we went to the Mickey mile race.

They packed these races super close together, so we barely had time to run over to the kids races and change bibs. The Mickey mile was cute, it ran past the Epcot ball and back finishing at the parking lot. This was hard for him, I did have to carry him part of the couse, I think partially too that he was still super tired, it stared at 8:45 I believe and then I was rushing to get his bib on and out of the stroller and he was getting a little crancky. We had fun during the run though and he finished strong at 16:47, I was so proud of him. Goofy was waiting for us at the finish line, we got high fives. Next we had to rush back to make it to the 200 meter dash by 9:15. My husband met us there and we all ran that one together. I managed to lose Chases bib for this race so we just kept the Mickey Mile one on and it worked. This one was very short, it was basically the last 200 meters of the Mickey Mile. I was kind of bummed that the medals were the same for the Mickey Mile and the Kids Races, but Chase didn't really care, he was just excited that he got more medals than I did. Love that kid to death, he is just so cute and cuddly.

That's kind of it, we ended up spending the rest of the day at Epcot since we were already there and really enjoyed Star Tours, again.

The weather was crazy hot, as you can see before 5:00AM it was already at 72 degrees, with a high of 90 degrees for the day. Crazy hot for us Seattlites :)

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