Friday, April 5, 2013

Disney Movie All-star Resort Review 2013

The reason I wanted to write a review on this Disney property is that I wanted you to know what kind of an experience we had and what my family and I thought about it.
We went to Walt Disneyworld is for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon. Because we were traveling all the way from Seattle and it's very costly, we wanted to stay at a Disney value resort to try to save as much money as possible.

As we were driving to the All-Star resort we realized that the Movies one is the farthest one back out of all the three All-Star resorts. So it takes that much longer to get to the parks. But okay, that's not so bad, right? As we were driving to check in, the front of the resort was very plane, just some huge stars on the building and that's about it, okay, I can handle that. As we walked in, It really took me by surprise, how cold and empty the lobby felt. The lobby was huge, they really could have done so much with it. Across from the check in area they had a little movie theater area set up, again they could have made this so awesome. Instead it had a few chairs with a small TV that was playing old Mickey cartoons. This is the Movie resort, the room themes were Toy Story, Fantasia,  101 Dalmatians etc, they should be playing those cartoons that fit the resort and that kids can have interest in. My four year old son watched it for a minute because didn't get it and then I had to keep him entertained for what seemed like forever while my husband was checking in.

Once we were all checked in, we drove to our building. I really wish I would have known that this was a MOTEL and not a hotel :( When they say "resort" I assume it going to be a nice place, well needless to say I was really disappointed. The room itself was small, the sink was located outside of the bathroom, so when I was getting ready for my races Saturday and Sunday morning at 3:00AM I had to do it in the dark as I would have woken up my husband and son, and a toddler who wakes up at 3:00AM would not have fun at the parks, do you agree?

The d├ęcor of the rooms was worse than a Motel 6, honestly it had a very 70's feel with the colors being orange and blue and it didn't feel very Disney. The only Disney things that I saw was that a towel was shaped into a Mickey Mouse shape on the bed and the border along the top of the wallpaper was Disney themed. The little shampoo bottles and soaps were also Mickey Mouse themed.
I just think that they could have done so many cool things with the theme and didn't really maximize the Disney theme. When I go to Disney, I want all Disney all the time. I can never get too much Disney and my son was all excited about being there, however when we were in our room it didn't feel like we were in Disneyworld. Also keep in mind since it is a MOTEL, there will be people walking by your door and windows way late into the night, no matter where your room is located at.

The beds were comfortable, but the room was really small, there was a table and chairs, but to be honest, they took up so much room, that I'd rather would have had more floor room, so my son could have played with his cars on the floor. Its hard to play with cars on the bed, but we made the best of it. Thankfully we didn't spend too much time at the room.

Our building was the Toy Story building, just outside is where they had a little play area that had a huge Woody and Buzz statues, which said no climbing. If you are going to put no climbing on those, you really need add other kinds of things to the play area where kids could climb on and have fun at. Don't get me wrong it was super cute, they had it look like Andy's room, with a huge door and everything, but other than look at the statues, there was nothing fun for kids.

The pool was nice, they did have a small kiddie pool off to the side as well that had warm water and plenty of room for the little ones to splash around. We went there in February and it was pretty cold, so the pool water was so cold, we did take a dip in it, for fun. I would imagine though that the kiddie pool would get super crowded during the summer time, since it is pretty small.

The food building was right next door by the pool, it was all cafeteria style, we only ate there for one breakfast and it was nice, the food was reasonable and there were things you could buy to bring into the parks with you.

Also, as we were in the parks and as part of the Disney Princess Half Marathon while we were waiting for the shuttles to come to take us to back to our resort, we realized that there were about three times as many shuttles going to the other resorts than to the All-Star Resorts. Also, all three All-Star Resorts got put together on the same shuttles most of the time, so it was always so full since there were two other resorts it was stopping at.

This is purely just my experience there, we spent four nights there, to give you an idea how long we were there for.

Let me know if you have any questions and hope you have a better experience :)



Anonymous said...

Disney is a get what you pay for kind of place. I spent 6 trips at this hotel. Each time it got worse. Finally we paid for a moderate hotel and got the service we expected. But like I said we paid for it.

Chase your dreams said...

I agree, next time we may have to go with that option, although they are so expensive.