Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Fast and Furious 6 D-Box review!

I had been talking about this movie to my friends for a long time and finally the day has come. I'm a huge fan of all but one of the Fast and Furious movies, and you all know which one I'm talking about that I didn't like, right? So I should start out by saying that we don't go to the movies a whole lot, for a couple of reasons, first of all its getting kind of expensive and second of all, having a 5 year old kind of limits what kind of movies we can go and see. There have been times where we go and see movies separately, first my husband goes and I stay home with Chase and then I go while he watches him. I do have very nice friends that have offered to watch him while we go to the movies, so I think I might have to take advantage of that for our next movie "Before Midnight".

Back to the movie, this series is by far my sons favorite. He can watch those movies over and over and over again, and we have. So I couldn't resist to take him to see it when we had a chance to see it on a big screen. As I was talking about going to see this movie, one of my friends had told me about a D-Box movie theater that we have up here. I had never heard of it, but as he explained what it was and as I did some more research on it, it sounded amazing. The simplest way to explain it is, if you have ever been to the Star Tours ride in Disneyland and Disneyworld, its kind of like that. You have the huge movie screen in front of you and the seats move around depending on what is going on in the movie. Not to the extent obviously as a Disney ride would, but as there was a car chase or race, the seats would move left and right, the seats would shake when they would start the engines. Even during the fight scenes the seats would move back when they were punching each other.

I had to reserve the seats to the D-Box section, they sell out pretty fast, since there are only two or three rows in only a few theaters. The only problem that we ran into was that my son is so light weight and the seats activate as you put weight on them, so I had to press down on his seat the whole time. Afterwards my husband went to ask the money back for Chases seat and the manager told him that we could have asked them to have the seat be activated the whole time. Well, I guess we know now, but I was a little dissapointed that they didn't tell me that when we were buying a childs ticket. Oh well, we enjoyed it anyway.

Oh, now about the movie itself!!! I don't want to give away anything about the movie, but I did want to say that it was very action filled, with lots of car chase scenes and races. A lot more fighting than in the other movies in my opinion and you get your "The Rock" fix, he is a huge part of this movie. I enjoyed the plot and was excited to see Michelle Rodrigues back. There were definetly parts where it was very unbelievable, but I really didn't care. It was awesome to see all of the cast together again and from the ending it looks like there might me Fast and Furious 7 coming with somebody very special!!! I was a bit sad at the end, you'll know why when you see the movie, no spoilers here! Also, make sure you stay until the very end, that movie has many endings, just as you think that the movie is over they keep going with a twist and then they do it again.

I recommend this movie if you like action movies and car chases.

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