Saturday, July 28, 2012

Warrior Dash - Seattle

Last weekend I ran the Warrior Dash in North Bend, WA. It was such a fun event, if you ever have a chance to run it I highly recommend it.

There were 12 obstacles, first one was the Barricade Breakdown, where we had hurdle over barricades and crawl under barbed wire, then we had the Rubber Ricochet, run thru a rubber jungle of hanging car tires, where if you didn't plan right, you could get hit hard.
Next was Teetering Traverse, this was pretty easy, just walk across some 2X4's nothing too crazy there.
Then there was the feared Deadmans Drop, this one was scary. First of all it was super high and the scary part is kind of hard to explain, but its a wooden structure, but when you get to the top it overhangs a bit, where I felt like a rock climber, because you had to reach over and pull yourself up and over the obstacle, crazy.
Crab Crawl was next, this was easy, just crawling under a net, I'm small enough where I could just do it on my hands and needs, some did have to do it army crawl style.
Then came the Great Warrior Wall, just a tall wooden wall with a rope that you had to climb up and over, it seemed bad at first, however there are ledges that you can put you feet on so you can then pull yourself up with the rope and climb down regularly on the other side.
Storming Normandy was next, this was crawling under barbed wire, also benefit if you are little so you don't have to do the army crawl.
Road Rage was fun, this we had to run thru car tires and climb across beat up cars, super fun. When do you ever get to run over cars?
Chaotic Crossover was easy, just crawling over a rope net, just don't use your knees, go over it with your hands and feet.
Cargo Climb was next, you could see the finish line from here, super high, but fun, just climbing over a rope net wall.
The Warrior Roast was awesome, they had two rows of blazing fires and we had to jump over those and then finally we were at the very last obstacle, which was a pool of mud and I mean thick, thick mud. The hardest part was that it was too slippery to walk thru and it was too deep to reach your hands to the bottom, so we had to swim thru it. The key to it was to keep your mouth closed :)

It was great finally to cross the finish line and get my awesome medal. Everybody was covered in mud head to toe, that was the best part of the race, watching everybody dripping in dirt.

Unlike the PVC pipe showers they had at the Survivor Mud run they had trucks with hoses on this one, so we literally had to be hosed down and it took much longer since there were so many people doing this race and only three people hosing down.

They had a band playing, good food and an awesome atmosphere. Must do race for sure.

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