Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fun in Seattle!

I had taken a couple of days off work since there was no school for my son. I had asked what he wanted to do during that time and he wanted to go to Seattle. I should say that when people ask me where I'm from I always say Seattle, but technically we do live on the Eastside. I think most people do that when they live in the suburbs. But anyway it takes us about 20 minutes to drive to Downtown Seattle. We hardly ever used to go there until my son was born. We have gone out to explore more of Seattle since then. Now that he is old enough and really into all sorts of vehicle he really enjoys riding on the Seattle Monorail, so we'll go down there just to ride the Monorail back and forth. The drivers always ask us where we are from, I think only tourist ride it, they always think its funny that we go there just to ride it. It makes my son happy and that's all that matters.

So anyway after that long introduction, we went to Seattle for a day of fun. We got there about 11:00am and the first thing we did is got on the Monorail, we always have to sit in the front of course, that's the best view and the drivers always let him honk the horn two times. The best part about riding it back and forth is that you are guaranteed to get a front row seat on the way back, because most people get off at the end and we just walk to the other side of the monorail and get our seats.

After the monorail ride Chase really wanted to go to LUSH. If you are not familiar with the store, its an amazing bath stuff store. That's what I call it anyway, they have the best bath bombs and Chase really wanted to go there to pick out a few things. Since we are running low on them anyway I had him pick out a few things. He really wanted the rocket ship bath bomb, but they were all out, so he ended up choosing the robot, the three in one Easter egg and the Saturn bath bombs. This made him super happy.

After LUSH we stumbled across this really cool games store (not video games, my husband is a huge gamer so that's where my mind automatically goes :)). They had all sorts of board games and fun stuff and Chase loves to play games, they had a bunch of them out to try. I think we spent over an hour at that store and the clerk was super nice and showed us how to play all the games. We ended up buying a very cute penguin game I'd never seen before which was exciting. Chase couldn't wait to go home and show Daddy how to play, so on our way we went.

Next we went back to the car we drove to the other side of the city to go to Uwajimaya, its an Asian grocery store. We always leave with a lot more than we came for.
There was a Travel Channel episode about best places to eat or something like that and a pastry shop located inside Uwajimaya was featured in it and my husband really wanted to try it. Its called Bearded Papas and they have the most amazing cream puffs there. I would recommend the chocolate filled cream puffs, those were my favorites, they do run out of that one the fastest, so go early.

After that is was time for some lunch and Chase was ready to go home anyway. We had yummy deli sandwiches and headed home.

It was a much fun filled day, we accomplished everything we wanted to and had fun playing the new game once we got home.

Hope you had fun reading about our adventure for the day. Comment below if you know any awesome places around the Seattle area we should check out, food, play, parks or otherwise.

Keili and Chase

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