Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tacoma St. Patty's Day Kids Run 2014!

The reason I chose this race for Chase to do is that they were actually giving the kids race finishers a medal as well as a ribbon. Its pretty rare to find kids races that provide a medal and I thought it would be really fun for him to get a medal of his own.

How cute is he???
Since this race was in Tacoma and we live in Kirkland, I knew that I had quite a drive down there, so I made sure to get up early to make sure I got down there in time. The only problem was that the kids race didn't start until 11:00 which was super nice, however the packet pick up ended at 8:30. So I had to be down there by 8:30 and then hang out for 2.5 hours until the kids race started. I had paid $5.00 extra to pick the packet up on race day, they did have packet pick-up the day before, but it was way too far for me do drive just to pick up a T-shirt. Speaking of shirts, the race did come with a cute kid size T as well and I think I paid $20 all together including the packet pick-up fee, which by the way I could have gotten away without paying it since they didn't even check to see if I had prepaid for it or not. Oh well, it goes for a good cause at least.

So we hung out at Tully's for a few hours and had some breakfast, to kill some time before the race. The weather had been kind of iffy, rainy and then nice and rainy again, I kept hoping for a dry race and it stopped raining right before, which was super nice for the kiddos.

I had only found a parking space for 2 hour parking, but it was nice that the kids race was later in the day, by the time my parking meter had run out the half marathon runners were leaving and there were plenty of great spaces by the starting line to choose from, so I moved my car and off to the starting line we went.

I love that both of his feet are airborne in this picture!

This was a 1K race and there were probably about 50 kids or so, some really small, some that could have probably ran the 5K, but fun for all nevertheless.

Off goes the air horn and off goes Chase, he always starts out super fast, its impossible to try to pace a 5 year old kid, so I just let him go and told him that he could walk whenever he wanted to. So we ran a little and walked a little. Chase is super competitive, so when he saw kids smaller than him passing him, he just took off without looking back half way through, so fast that I had a hard time keeping up (needless to say, I should probably start training for my marathon in October). He bolted through the finish line, we even had somebody yell front he sideline "Mom, keep up!"

Chase got his medal and a finishers ribbon, the medal was the same as the half marathon finishers, but he didn't care, he was super happy about the glittery colorful St. Patty's Day medal.

At the finish line they had Little Caesars Pizza, bananas, grapes, candy and water. We grabbed a bite and headed to the Tacoma Children's Museum for some fun.

Hope you enjoyed the recap, I would definitely recommend this kids race for all ages of kids, there was no rush, even the littlest ones could make it.

Let me know of any kids races you or your children have participated in the comments below, I'm always looking for something new.

Thanks for reading and keep on running!

K and C

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