Thursday, May 3, 2012

So I upped my short run this month to a 4 mile run, I've really only had two of them so far, but both have been kind of rough, definetly not easy, but I did them, so I'm proud of myself for that. Both days it was raining cats and dogs, I had bought this lululemon rain jacket just for running in the rain, but it was a big fail and I'm super dissapointed since I love lululemon so much. I was able to get my pace down to 10:17, my best so far has been 10:03 on my 6 mile run, we'll see how I do this week.

I'm now ready for my long run (7 miles) this week. I'm not sure if I'll go for Saturday or Sunday, but I'm trying to find a perfect route for it. Currently I'm running around Lake Washington on the Eastside of Seattle, I like that its flat, but I need find a way to extend it to make it 7 miles, not sure how I'm going to do it though. I use "MapMyRun" on my iPhone when I run and I love it, so I'll probably just map something out on that and hope that it won't be to hilly. That's the downside of running in Washington State, beautiful but super hilly.

Keep checking back for more updates.

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