Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We "Beat the Bridge" run. Running with Friends!

We finally did it. My very first official timed race. We had a team that we put together, most people from my work were running it and that's all we could talk about all day every day up until the race.
We had pre planned that my co-workers and I were going to run together and meet up before the race.
I got up super early, I figured traffic was going to be a nightmare to get into the parking lot. Once I got there I met up with my friends, it was so crowded, I'm so glad we were able to find each other and stick together the whole race. 8K went by so fast, we all stuck together through out the race and finished with a time of 43:33 and pace of 9:34, best time that any of us had done on any runs before. We were so proud of ourselves and got a finishers medal at the end.

One race down 2 more to go before the Disney half marathons.

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