Sunday, May 5, 2013

May the 4th be with You!!!

I know this is a day late, but I wanted to get this out sooner than later.

We had an amazing day yesterday, lots of Star Wars stuff as you can probably guess. All thanks to my amazing husband for my beautiful boy Chase. He even rocked his new Cool Chewbacca shirt!

My husband Mark was on a business trip to London and came home on Friday with an awesome present that he found there. He just stumbled across a Star Wars Operation game at Harrods, I never even knew that one existed, but he just had to get it. So this was a perfect day for us to open it up for the first time and play and instead of buzzing you it makes R2 D2 sounds!!! I don't know who loved it more, me or Chase.

Since I had to work and Mark had just come back from a business trip he was excited to spend the morning with Chase and just enjoy their time together.

Lots of Farmers Markets in the Seattle area had opened this weekend, so we wanted to take advantage of that on this first beautiful day. They had gone to the Redmond farmers market and enjoyed the outdoor mall there as well. Hitting some toy stores was a must for them and playing in the water fountain.

I got home before they did and fixed a Star Wars theme lunch for the little one. I figured, might as well go all out. I went with the Millennium Falcon, but had lots of other ideas that I could do in the future with a cheese quesadilla (Death Star, R2 D2, etc). Its hard to get my boy to eat anything, but this surely helped, he was so excited to see it and couldn't believe that I had made that just for him. Sweetest kid, I swear.

What a wonderful day, thanks George Lucas for Star Wars!


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