Friday, May 10, 2013

Rock'n'Roll Pacific Peaks Challenge 2013!!!

I will be running the Portland Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon on May 19th and the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon on June 22nd, this will award me with a very special Pacific Peaks medal and in addtion for completing two Rock'n'Roll events in one calendar year, I will also get the Rock Encore medal.

I'm so excited, I finally booked my hotel to Portland, its just a bit too far to drive for a day to pick up my race packet and drive back, so we decided to stay overnight and just enjoy a nice night out while we were there. Its only a week away and I've really been lacking on my training, I've been good about working out my legs at the gym, but running has been challenging. I've been trying to get my leg muscles stronger to prevent tendonidis, I really hope to see a difference in my time, but I have not done any long runs since my last half marathon at the end of April, three weeks ago. We'll see I'll do a race recap once we get back home and let you know how it goes.

I ran the Seattle race last year as my very first half marathon and I had a great time, so I'm super excited to be doing it again, last year I didn't stay for the concert or anything. I'm planning on staying for the afterparty this year though, to get the full experience.

Check out their web sites for all the Rock'n'Roll events, they have so many of them and they always draw tons of crowds. I believe there were about 16,000 people running last year, if you think about it, I was originally put into corral 41!!!! That's how many people there were. In addition, the more races you do, the more medals you earn, they even have international races, if you are interested in travelling to some fun races

One day I really want to do their Las Vegas one, its supposed to be at night running down the Strip. How amazing would that be, I bet there are a lot of people cheering on, since it is the city that never sleeps, plus if you don't get a great time, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right!!!

Let me know if you've ran any of them and which one you enjoyed the best.


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