Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The COLOR RUN Seattle 2013!

This past Sunday my friends and I ran the Seattle Color Run. We had been waiting for this run for a year, we missed the opportunity to sign up last year, because it sold out in hours, but this year we got in early and were ready to go.

If you haven't heard about this event yet, you should look into it for sure. Its a 5K and they have set up differnet color stations through out the course, where you get hit with powdered color. Each station has its own color, so by the end of it you will be all rainbow colored. They do have a finish line festival as well, where they had a DJ playing and bunch of color run employees just throwing swag into the crowd and free color packets. When you sign up for the race each racer gets a color packet as well to throw at the end with everybody else.

The race started at 9:00AM at the Seattle Center, I had went and picked up the race packets the day before, so I knew exactly where to go. We carpooled so we only had to find one parking space since its so hard to find one escpecially during an event like this. We made it there with about a half an hour to spare and found a space only a few blocks away for FREE!!! I was excited, parking in Seattle is expensive. I brought Chase with me as well, children under 5 are free. Since he is still a bit too small to run a whole 5K, I decided it was best for everybody that I put him in the stroller and then have him come out right before the color stations and run through them with me. One of my friends brought her Mom with her, it was on Mother's day after all, she was so kind to push the stroller for me while we ran.

First was the yellow station, the coolest thing was that as we were running down the street you could see a huge yellow cloud, it was all the powdered paint being thrown at people. You really had to be close to the volunteers if you wanted to get super colored, if you stayed in the middle of the crowd you really did not get much color on you. You do have to keep your mouth closed though, some of us got a mouthful and it did not taste good or look paticularly pretty on your teeth :) Next color was orange, then they had a water station exactly at the half way point, they even had their own color run branded water cups! Next up was pink and lastly Chases favorite blue.

I do wish that they had a few more color stations through out the course, the colors could have been endless, but because of the color station it did make this run fly by, it felt like the shortest 5K I've ever ran. On the map that they had posted online they showed 5 color stations, but it actually ended up being 4. In any case we had so much fun.

Hope to do this again next year, see you there!


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