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My Running Faves & Must Haves!

Before I start the list, I want to mention that I purchased all of the products below myself and was not compensated by the companies in any way. The products are my opinion only and if you prefer something else or if you have other things that might be beneficial to me and my readers, please leave comments, so we can share our knowledge so we can all have better running experiences.

1) First and foremost I have to say that my Garmin Forerunner 610 watch is something that I could not survive without. Yes, there are lots of free apps for iPhones and I've tried some of them, but without fail non of them are accurate. With my Garmin I always get the same results for distance and it is really easy to navigate. There are lots of awesome features to this watch, but I have to be honest, I really only use the main screen where it tells you what you mileage, time and pace is. That's all I really need, oh and it looks super cute, don't you think!!!!!!!!
My husband got mine at REI, but you can check them out on
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2) iPod Nano, this has a special meaning to me. My husband got it for me for Christmas the year I started running and it is engraved with my sons name on it. I have all of my favorite running songs on it and use it for every race. It's my good luck charm :) Click here for my playlist.
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3) Lululemon everything. I just adore this brand so much. Yes, they are expensive, but the quality is amazing and I have had nothing but great experiences while running in Lululemon. Plus, pretty much every clothing item they have is so cute and the colors are always amazing. Also, nobody can look bad in Lululemon leggings, nobody! They fit so perfectly that its hard to resist on buying a pair of Wunder Unders in every color they come. (updates every Monday night with new clothing)

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4) My Mizuno running shoes. This is my second pair of running shoes since I started two years ago. I love them so much, they are very supportive yet lightweight. I bought the Wave Inspire 10.

5) Running belt, I bought the iFitness double pouch belt because I don't like to check a bag at races. I keep my phone, car key, credit card, ID and lip palm in one pouch and my energy gels in the other, its perfect to clip my iPod onto and it does not have bounce to it. Its not my favorite belt, however it can hold a lot and that's the reason I picked the iFitness one. I'm on a look out for a new one though, so if you have one that you love, let me know!!!
I bought mine online at, but they always have booth at the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon Expo, I bet you can find them at the larger race Expos.

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6) Neutrogena Lip moisturizer, this may seem weird for some, but I do have to admit that I have a little bit of an addiction to it. I cannot live without it and if I ever forget to use it, I get super chapped lips. Neutrogena brand is my favorite because its super moisturizing and it lasts for a long time and during runs I'd rather not be re-applying my lip palm every five minutes
I buy these in handfuls since I don't ever want to run out and Bartell Drugs always has them in stock.

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7) Band Aid blister band aids, I have found that these are the only ones for me that don't slip during races, no matter how long they are. I even use them on my medial malleolus bones (the little bone sticking out of inside of your ankle). The story behind that is that I always run in ankle socks and during my races I tend to hit my medial malleolus bone with my other leg and it hurts so bad. These band aid help it from getting scratched.
I buy this from Rite Aid, but I bet any drugstore would probably have it.

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8) Energy Gels, I have gone thru a few varieties over the last year that I have been running and truly I don't know if any particular brand is better than others. So I just decided which tastes and goes down the easiest during my races that's what I'm going to use. So far I've really enjoyed Vega gels, unfortunately I have not been able to find this branch in the States, I found it during the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon. I was able to stash some aside for a few races. Once I ran out though, I went for the Honey Stinger Energy Gels, I like the taste of these, but just like any other gel it leaves a weird layer on the top of my mouth and it takes me a few cups of water during the races to wash it down with. My favorite flavors a fruity though (berry, banana, orange, etc), nothing too sweet. I don't like flavors like peanut butter or chocolate.
I buy the Honey Stinger ones from REI,
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These are always with me when I go to a race, let me know what are your favorites, so I can try something new, you never know, I might just be missing out on something.

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