Thursday, December 4, 2014

Seattle Seahawks Kids Christmas Party 2013

The Seattle Seahawks have a Kids Club that you can sign you kids up each season. I have been doing this since 2012, check out my blog post from 2012 here! It costs $20 a season, but it comes with a really cool goodie bag. I definitely think its worth it. In addition to the goodie bag, you get invited to special events all throughout the year, they have kids movie nights, pumpkin patch and a Christmas party. I've never had a chance to be able to attend any other events, but the Christmas Party is one that we've gone to since 2012. Here is a short recap of things that they have there so you can see for  yourself if its something you would be interested in.

It usually takes place mid December. I got an e-mail stating the date and time it was going to take place, so we can reserve space. The kids club member is always free, but anybody else who is accompanying the child has to pay $10. Parking is always free for these events at the Centurylink Field.

Its easy to get to and parking is a breeze, you are greeted by friendly employees who show you where to wait if you are early, make sure you dress in layers. If you get there early, you might have to wait in the parking garage which is really cold, but then once inside it gets really hot.

When we got inside we were greeted by a couple of Seagals, of course we couldn't say no to this photo opportunity. If you bring a unwrapped toy with you, they give you a prize ticket, where later in the night they pick winners for various Seahawks items.

Then we went to the very back of the hallway where they had various games set up. Chase really enjoyed "The Blaster". It was a giant blowup run through course with obstacles inside. We had tons of fun racing each other side by side. Then we enjoyed some miniature golf, decorated with miniature Seahawks helmets. We must have gone though the course at least 10 or more times.

Then it was time to see Santa, but Chase didn't want to wait in line for it, so we decided to skip Santa this time around, there is always next year, right?

Instead we went to see Blitz!!! We love Blitz, he is so fun and spends so much time with each of the kids. Chase had a great time goofing around with him.

Next we headed to the craft area, we were told that a couple of players will be making an appearance, which made me super happy. They had fun crafts, they had blank Seahawks cards that you can write a note on or draw a picture and leave it for the players. There were also foam cutouts and pipe cleaner to make ornaments out of and tons of decorations for them, like stickers and jewels to glue on.

Finally the players were out, make sure that you don't wait too long to get in line, because they are only there for a limited time and you might miss the opportunity. Unlike the first year we were there both players did not stay to hang out with the crowd. Luke Willson (#82), was so nice and friendly, but unfortunately did not stay. He did the photo ops and then autograph signings, they wouldn't let him sign autographs while taking photos, they had him to a separate signing after the photos. Which sucked for us, because now we had to wait in too lines, but Chase can get away with anything with his cute little face and because he had his autograph book out with the marker, Luke signed it for him at the photo area!!! Yeah for us, one less line to wait at!

Now, this is going to sound bad, but I don't know who the second player is, honestly, most people didn't know him, but apparently he had been out for a while with an injury. If any of you can recognize the player in the first picture, please let me know. The green background is actually a green screen that they put the Seattle skyline on. The pictures were taken by a professional photographer and they printed them out then and there for you to keep, for FREE!

So there you have it! We always have a great time, hope you'll be able to join us there next year!

Keep on loving our Seahawks!!!



curtis03 Lewis said...

Wow! This little boy is very sweet. He is really happy to meet the players. My son is just 10 years old and he is a huge party freak. Whenever there is a party he forces us to attend that. Last year I hosted a huge holiday party just for his happiness.

Keili Silverman said...

Oh the things we do for our children, but it's all worth it! Thanks for you comment!